About Us

i-BEAK was founded in 2007 as an English/Japanese translation firm, but quickly expanded our service English to/from a broad number of languages in order to provide our clients with a complete translation solution.
i-BEAK also discovered that clients need more than just the written word, and expanded our menu of offering to all forms of language services, including: interpretation, language coaching, marketing localization, and in-country support. i-BEAK has satisfied clients all across the U.S. and in two Asian countries. Our core values are quality, integrity, respect, and customer focus and we practice them every day with every client and every employee.

Board Members

Rika Torres, CEO and President

A Japanese national located in the Pacific Northwest. Rika has over twenty years of professional communications experience in the fields of publishing, television, and semiconductor manufacturing. Rika currently serves as an academic advisor at Boise State University and is the founder of the Idaho Japanese Association, where she still serves as a board member. Rika actively volunteers to support physically and mentally handicapped athletes for Paralympics, INAS, and Special Olympics.